Josh Nass Public Relations Exposed – Joshua Nass

Josh Nass Scam

Let us introduce you to Josh Nass PR.  It is time that we learn a little bit more about this interesting young man.  He is 26 years old, and claims that he Public Relations Rock Star! Well, let’s dissect what he is all about.

How Josh Nass Started His Illusion

Josh Nass states that he attended Brandies University and Brooklyn Law School.  He further stated that he was the founder and creator of Voices of Conservative Youth.  Nobody really knows what that group is and according to his bio he served a whopping 9 months in the group!  That is NINE whole months.  This, in his mind, has projected him on to greatness and to be the voice of the people.

Josh Nass the Public Relations (PR) to the Stars – The Illusion

With a prestigious address of 77 Water Street, 8th Floor, Manhattan, New York 10005, one would think, “Wow! This guy is at the top of his game!”.

Let’s peal back the onion a little….

Josh Nass Virtual Regus Office
Josh Nass Virtual Office starting at $46 a month

The office building at 77 Water Street, 8th Floor is actually owned and operated by Regus.  Regus is the Virtual Office company that allows you to lease space, monthly starting at $46, in some locations.

Don’t take our word for it, this is directly from the Regus website.

77 Water Street, 8th Floor, Manhattan, New York, 10005

The Regus – 77 Water Street business center in New York puts you in the epicenter of the world’s financial capital. This formal Manhattan office space is five blocks from Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange with easy access to the financial and insurance sectors. You’ll have a bevy of networking opportunities in this area.

Our Regus center is in easy walking distance of the Whitehall, Broad Street and Wall Street Metro stops so you can commute from any borough. It’s also only a block from the Wall Street-Pier 11 ferry station which has direct service to Brooklyn and New Jersey. The Whitehall Terminal is six blocks away with direct service to Staten Island.

Top of the game…. Not Really!

The Corporate Phone Number – A VoIP phone?!?  Really?

The phone number listed as the corporate phone number for his business is (212) 600-2295.

A carrier check of the phone number reveals it is a Voice over IP phone or VoIP phone by Paetec Communications.  A virtual phone with a virtual office works great, if you don’t want to be found!

Josh Nass PR and PR Threats

There are many that have claimed that they have used the services and Josh Nass PR and have not been satisfied, and then received a HEFTY bill after the fact and were pressured to pay the bills.  There have been a few that claim that they have never had anything to do with Josh Nass PR and have never used his services however have been pressured to pay the bills of others.

Stayed tuned for more information that is coming soon….